Statement of Applicability

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KGS Ltd is an independent market, opinion and social research organisation offering research insights and solutions.  KGS Ltd does not subcontract any services related to field data collection, data processing or analysis.

KGS outsources CATI when required to an agency with ISO 20252:2019 accredited certification. Qualitative moderation and reporting is outsourced to an agency assessed by KGS in accordance with the ISO 20252:2019 certification.  The details of the chosen agency will be shared with the end client and agreed prior to commission.

KGS Ltd delivers Consumer and Business to Business face to face projects throughout the UK.

KGS Ltd has elected to include Research teams, Sampling, Fieldwork, Physical Observation, Self-completion, Data Management, processing and coding to be attested to ISO20252:2019 in accordance with Annexes B, C, E and F.  KGS Ltd has elected to exclude Annex A, Sampling and Annex D, Digital Observation from attestation


Annex Attested
Excluded Explanation Annex Senior Manager
Annex A – Sampling  No  Yes Sampling is not something KGS provides. If Sampling is required this is provided by the client. N/A
Annex B – Fieldwork Face to Face Fieldwork, CAPI, CAWI, PAPI,
Quantitative, Qualitative Recruitment
CATI and Qualitative Moderation and reporting CATI – Outsourced.
Moderation and Reporting – Outsourced
Angela Prescott Managing Director
Annex C – Physical Observation Fieldwork Research team None N/A Angela Prescott Managing Director
Annex D – Digital observation No Yes Digital observation is not a service that KGS has offered nor been required to complete. N/A
Annex E – Self-completion Fieldwork teams, web and paper self completions None N/A Angela Prescott Managing Director
Annex F – Data management and processing Scripting, Data Processing & Coding None N/A Dave White Head of IT Operations

Angela Prescott, KGS Managing Director confirms conformity to this SoA V8 June 2024