KGS Ltd is a full market research services agency providing the entire package from diagnosis to data delivery, however we provide a cost effective solution for Research Agencies and Consultancies who do not operate their own Face to Face field-force of Interviewers or who require extra capacity.



  • Approved UK fieldwork supplier to many Global agencies
  • Competitive
  • Fast turnaround of quotation requests
  • Personal service – named contact at KGS Ltd to develop and monitor each study
  • Fast, efficient turnaround of fieldwork/data/results
  • Regular updates and feedback on progress of fieldwork/data
  •  KGS is certified to ISO:20252:2019, The International Quality Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research


Successful fieldwork is the heart of most research projects.

KGS Ltd market research services include a wide range of fieldwork services on paper and/or devices to reach those groups your project needs to engage with.

Fieldwork only services are available.


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KGS Ltd utilises the market research services of a network of similar agencies across Europe to manage your international research projects from one place.