KGS ltd offers market research services for consumer and business to business focussed research projects.

Any company with the longevity and growth experienced by KGS Ltd will inevitably have a very broad experience of markets and research techniques. KGS Ltd is no exception.

There are however, some specific areas where we believe our experience is of exceptional value to new and existing clients.




KGS Ltd has developed expertise in conducting passenger research at a variety of UK regional airports, through the use of its dedicated team of trained interviewers, supervisors and analytical staff. The stringent need for respondent quota control, an appreciation of the security procedures involved and ‘air side’ clearance are just a few of the required skills we have developed over the years at KGS Ltd

We are proud to provide continuous passenger satisfaction research for several regional and international airports.

In addition to these continuous surveys having trained interviewers with airside security clearance and detailed airport knowledge we also benefit from ad-hoc research exercises – on behalf of the airports themselves, airlines, retail concessions and other suppliers to the travel market.




KGS is an approved fieldwork supplier for several large international and UK based research agencies who either require additional capacity or do not operate their own field force.  We can provide a ‘field only’ or ‘field and tab‘ service for other research agencies who require a quality, fast and cost effective solution to data collection and processing. Can we help you?




The building services arena impinges on a very wide variety of specifiers, installers, end users and distributors. It covers residential, commercial and industrial markets. KGS Ltd has arguably been the most prominent research agency in this arena for several decades.

KGS Ltd have studied a whole spectrum of products from air conditioning to water closets. We have experience of Heating and Electrical products and a thorough understanding of both heavy side and light side distribution. KGS ltd has operated a variety of trade panels which provide a continuous update of our market awareness.


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