Questionnaire Design & Hosting

Good questionnaire design is essential to a successful research project.


Questionnaire Design, Scripting & Hosting


Many customers of KGS Ltd come to us with a clear idea of where they have information gaps that need filling to better understand the market in which they operate, and know at least some of the key questions that need answers.

Designing a questionnaire is critical to the success of any research project. Questions must be:

  • Relevant to your survey objectives
  • Understandable to respondents
  • Unambiguous
  • Framed correctly in order to provide clear answers
  • Contained in a suitable format considering where it will be administered and to whom

KGS Ltd can help you design, structure and word questionnaires however the survey is to be administered.

Once a suitable questionnaire has been developed it must be produced in the best format.

KGS offers traditional paper based questionnaire production and electronic questionnaire production for use online, by e-mail or on mobile devices.





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