Focus Group Discussions

Focus Group Discussions


Focus group discussions can be an invaluable market research service – small manageable of 8-10 ‘experts’ are typically invited to broadly discuss the subject being research and surrounding topics.

Focus groups are managed by skilled KGS Ltd moderators using topic guides designed in conjunction with clients to probe deeply into a research subject.

Semi-structured or free-ranging focus group discussions can create an environment of spontaneity and stimulate group members into varied and creative responses

The results of focus group discussions often offer new insights into respondent thinking and reasoning underpinning behaviours and can help offer direction and structure to subsequent quantitative studies.

A moderators role in focus groups is more limited than in a one to one interview situation – moderators tend to ensure the group stays on topic but allow a snowballing effect as ideas are floated and refined by the respondents.

Interest in a topic can be more readily stimulated in group situations with respondents often feeling more secure and relaxed and involved than in other types of interview.

Focus group discussions have another advantage – opinions of all participants occur at the same time adding speed to a project and potentially being more cost effective.


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