turf analysis

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TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach & Frequency)

TURF analysis is typically concerned with maximising the reach of an item to a wider audience.

TURF analysis can be usefully implemented in a wide variety of situations, For example:

  • The blend of types of retailers that should feature on a shopping mall to interest the widest number of shoppers.
  • Given limited advertising spend, which media will be seen by most people.
  • Which flavour combinations within a brand will satisfy most consumers.


For a simplistic illustration consider a confectioner with a given budget which allows them to operate three production lines.

There are many potential consumers with varying tastes so the confectioner wishes to know which three products will satisfy the greatest number of consumers.

A study shows that chocolate appeals to 50% of consumers so if nothing else was available half of confectionery shoppers could leave satisfied with their purchase. Likewise fudge appeals to a further 25%, toffee to 15% and gum drops to 5%.

Traditional analysis would suggest that the confectioner produce chocolate, fudge and toffee for a potential to satisfy 90% of confectionery consumers.

TURF analysis investigates deeper and in this case reveals that all toffee shoppers would be equally satisfied with fudge so the 90% potential reach is reduced by 15% (toffee shoppers equally satisfied with fudge) to 75%.

Furthermore, TURF analysis also reveals those satisfied with gum drops would not purchase chocolate, toffee or fudge. So, in order to maximise ‘reach’ the confectioner should produce chocolate, fudge and gum drops whose combined reach is 80%.


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