Data Processing & Analysis

KGS Cleans and Analyses data for accurate results

Analysis & Data Processing


However questions are asked and by what method the data is collected, the data must be processed and analysed to fully understand the results.

KGS Ltd offers these services from our in-house team of programmers and analysts.


Data Processing


Data processing involves entering data from paper based surveys and/or the subsequent cleaning and formatting of data. The objectives are to eliminate errors, inaccuracies and inconsistencies and to get data into a format where it can be analysed.



Some customers prefer to analyse their own data once it has been processed.

It is more common to take advantage of KGS Ltd.’s analysts to produce cross tabulations, correlations, statistical tests of robustness/accuracy and other specialist analyses as requested.

Many more analyses are possible and KGS Ltd is more than happy to discuss your analysis requirements.

Furthermore KGS Ltd can help build specific analysis requirements into the survey/questionnaire process.

Data Processing and Analysis only services are also available.


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