7232 Confidentiality Agreement


Thank you for your interest in participating in this research. It is important that you understand the conditions under which you will be agreeing to participate. Please read the following carefully, as you will have to confirm you have done so and agree to these conditions before you can participate in this product test. You should also keep it somewhere safe so that you can refer to it during the study. If you have questions regarding any aspect of this research study, or the following conditions of participation, please discuss them with the interviewer before agreeing to take part.

Who is carrying out this study?

This research is being carried out by “IPSOS”on behalf of our client that makes and distributes the product. 

What do I have to agree to?

By participating in this research, you understand and agree that you are consenting to the following terms and conditions of participation. For any study where we invite you and your family to take part in this product testing, you also understand and agree that you are responsible for making sure each member of the family also has access to, accepts and complies with these conditions; and that you are also consenting on behalf of your family, all of whom have agreed to participate and to you consenting to these terms on their behalf.

1.     Participation:

You confirm that you are of legal age to consent to participate in this research. You agree to read all the instructions provided, and to heed any warning labels or other safety information Ipsos or the Sponsor may provide. You also confirm that neither you, nor any other member of your family that may assist with the product test:

·         use any drugs or medicines; or

·         suffer from any allergies or other health conditions; 

That may make consumption, use of, or contact with the product(s) unhealthy, dangerous or inadvisable for any reason. 

You also agree to personally participate in this research, including personally carrying out any product testing.  If for any reason you cannot perform or complete the test, do not get someone else to perform the test for you, instead, please contact us immediately using the contact details we have given to you. If you experience any adverse reaction to the product please seek medical advice immediately. Where required by law, you will have been given a telephone number to contact if you experience any adverse reaction to the product under test.

2.     Confidential Information:

Your responsibility: – Whilst taking part in this study, you may be provided with information about the Sponsors new concepts, packaging, marketing materials and products that has not been advertised, published or marketed. Such information is “Confidential Information” which can only be used for this research. Apart from family members taking part in the product testing, you must not:

·         Allow anyone else to use the product(s) or see the Confidential Information that has been passed to you,

·         Make copies of it, photograph, and video or in any other way reproduce any of the Confidential Information. 

·         Give the product or other confidential information to anyone else, or publish pictures, video or any other information about the product or other confidential information anywhere, including on social media (e.g. Facebook)

If you breach any of these confidentiality requirements, the harm to Ipsos and the Sponsor would be irreparable. You therefore understand and agree that if you do breach these confidentiality requirements, Ipsos and/or the Sponsor may take action, including action against you. In legal terms, this includes the right to obtain preliminary injunctive relief against any such breach or threat of such breach.

Ipsos’s responsibility: – Ipsos will keep the information you provide confidential and will ensure only fully anonymous aggregated data is included in any research findings. Ipsos will not share with the Sponsor your name or any other information that identifies you without your prior explicit consent. Any contact information you provide will only be used for product shipments, to contact you in connection with this and future studies.

3.     Ownership:

The concepts, products and packaging shown to you, described to you and/or used by you remain the property of the Sponsor. In addition, any ideas, improvements, discoveries, or inventions that may be generated from this research are also the property of the Sponsor and you agree to assign to Sponsor all ideas, improvements, or inventions resulting from your participation in this research.

4.     Waiver, No guarantee or Warranty:

Neither Ipsos nor the Sponsor provide any guarantee or warranty for any product(s) made available for testing. Specifically Ipsos and the Sponsor disclaim any warranty of fitness, merchantability, safety and the like. The product(s) may have only a limited life and other characteristics which may be unknown to us. Therefore, you specifically agree to waive and release all claims against Ipsos and the Sponsor arising out of or related to your participation in this research and your use of the product(s). To the extent permitted by law, neither Ipsos or the Sponsor shall be liable for (i) any injury, death, property damage or other damage sustained or allegedly sustained by you resulting from the distribution, consumption, use of or contact with the product(s) made available in connection with this research, except for and solely to the extent of any injury or damage which may be caused by the Sponsor’s or Ipsos’ gross negligence; and (ii) your participation in this research.