KGS Market Research | In-Depth Interviews
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In-Depth Interviews


In-depth Interviews:


In-depth interviews characteristically occur at the outset of a market research study where topics are large or respondent perspectives on a subject is unknown.

Whilst in-depth interviews can use a formal structured questionnaire, it is more common for these interviews to be more investigative in nature.

Hence unstructured topic guides or semi-structured questionnaires are usually the norm. This allows the respondent to guide the interview along areas that they consider of importance rather than predicting what issues may surround a particular product/service.

One to one in-depth interviews, whilst rich in content can take time that needs to be factored into planning.

KGS Ltd has interviewers trained in non-directive interviewing techniques and other skills such as: laddering and recognition of non-verbal communication to obtain the most from in-depth interviews.


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